Foothold Syria 05.15.24 - TAke Aleppo

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Foothold Syria 05.15.24 - TAke Aleppo

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Great job last night! We were able to take Aleppo thanks to an airdrop from Wingy.

We were also able to take Taftanaz! A convoy attempted to attack Aleppo after we took it. Creeper and I were able to hit them. Since they were so close to Aleppo, I was bale to hot refuel and rearm multiple times and hit them, and eventually took them out with strafing and iron dumb bombs from the Bombcat.

AFterwards a mission was assigned to intercept bombers. They were 100+ miles away and I thought it would be a good time to try long range Phoenix shots. Unfortunately, as I sat on the runway, a good 4 or 5 bandits were sent into the area of Aleppo. I was hoping the blue SAMs would attack them, and I hoped to finds a window where I can scramble and sneak past the bandits quickly enough to launch Phoenixes at the bombers. By the time that wondow came, the bombers were already turning back home, so I attacked the last of the fighters. Killed 2 more of them with maddog Phoenix missiles and landed, taking them by surprise.

Video didn't run on that hop, but the results are:
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